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Know the IMPORTANCE of entering the era of Business Automation
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April 29 , 2024
Automatización Empresarial

Know the IMPORTANCE of entering the era of Business Automation

Since 2020, the pandemic has tested the ability of companies to survive and adapt. 3 years later we find ourselves in a technological environment that is advancing rapidly and with evolved companies that were forced to modify their strategies, implementing within them automation methodologies that would allow them to continue operating and also on the radar of their current and potential customers. .

What is Business Automation?

Business automation is the term that describes the implementation of new technologies within business processes allowing a better administrative and productive workflow.

What is the goal of Business Automation?

The initial goal of business automation is to avoid wasting time and resources on repetitive and manual routine tasks that can be performed by different technologies with a minimum margin of error and at a higher speed. This allows companies to maximize the time and capabilities of their employees.

Why is Business Automation important?

  • The economic blows that the pandemic has left worldwide since its inception have made it more urgent for companies to fully exploit their productivity potential, making it essential to search for alternatives that allow them to optimize their times, improve quality, improve the service and experience not only for clients but also for their own collaborators. Those companies that enter the era of automation clearly have a great competitive advantage over others. A sweeping new report from Korn Ferry finds that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled because there aren't enough skilled people to fill them.
  • This is due to different changes that have been taking place in the economic and socio-cultural field worldwide, and shows the medium-term outlook that companies will have to face. If there is a shortage of qualified personnel for various tasks, the cost of said personnel will increase considerably, bringing difficulties for companies that depend heavily on human capital for their operations.

How to enter the era of Business Automation?

Basically you have three alternatives from which you must choose the one that best suits the current needs and conditions of your company:

  1. Acquire ERP software: There are tools on the market that help you efficiently manage some processes, they also provide you with automatic reports that will help you make decisions. ODOO is the best and most complete on the market. It is very affordable, easy to use and adapts to your specific needs, no matter the size of your company.
  2. If you want something more specific or personalized, you need what is known as Custom Development" At Bits Américas we analyze the headaches you have in your company and we create solutions that help you save time and money in each area of your company so you can focus on closing deals and increasing your sales.
  3. IYou can think of including within your work team one or several professionals in the technology area to help you gradually implement tools in your company that solve the so-called bottlenecks that you have within your processes.

What are you waiting for to enter the era of business automation?